The Inspiri-Sharc Marketing Hour

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  • This event finished on 12/28/2018.
  • Where: White Plains City Center, White Plains, NY
Owner CEO Ronnie Ram of Inspiria Outdoor, and Andrew Castellano Owner/CEO of Sharc Creative come together and invite their marketing minded friends to highlight the latest trials and tribulations in the world of marketing. It’s Fast paced & fun, pick up great tips on the newest trends and solutions. Hear from experts in Marketing as well as real applications with businesses right here in Westchester that will highlight what they are doing right, and steer you away from what they may have done wrong. Tune in the last Friday of every month 12pm-1pm, or listen ON DEMAND any time on the Podcast Page under Fairfield County Talk Radio. Click the Inspiri-Sharc Hour Button. Always moving forward.